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The Full Rules are for players who want to know everything about a game of Furoticon. With over 1,000 unique cards in the game, really weird things can happen if you combine specific cards. If you need a definitive answer, or you're judging a tournament, or you just want to geek out, then by all means, read on. Otherwise, never read these rules — just go play Furoticon and have fun!

If you are new to the game and just want to know how to play, visit How to Play instead.

  1. Introduction: Information and background about the Furoticon Trading Card Game and its fictional world.
  2. Genders: Explanation about the four genders in Furoticon: Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, and Otherkin.
  3. Anatomy of a Card: Everything you need to know about the symbols and words on a Furoticon card.
  4. Types of Cards: Functions of the four types of cards in Furoticon: Havens, Furres, Treats, and Actions.
  5. Players: How to set up games for 2 to 8 players, both free-for-all or on teams.
  6. General Concepts: How to start a game, how to end a game, and materials required to play a game of Furoticon.
  7. Gameplay: Full explanations of every part of a turn.
  8. Governing Rules: These rules explain how certain aspects of gameplay should happen. If you have a weird question, it can probably be answered here.
  9. Eternal Rules: The eternal rules are rules that are checked in between every action of a game of Furoticon.
  10. Skills: Descriptions of all the types of skills.
  11. Keywords: Every keyword explained.
  12. Terms: A glossary of terms used in Furoticon.
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