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Furoticon is fairly new, but its history goes back a while.



July 2007: Seppel thinks, "If I ever create a card game, I should start writing things down. Things I want to see, as well as things I DON'T want to see." A small text document is created. The goals of Furoticon were laid out: Make a coherent and fun card game which also promotes artists in the furry fandom.


January: Enough notes have been written to make a coherent card game. Inspiration from other card games helps simplify a few things. Seppel listens to what people like in a game and what people don't like. Everything seems to be coming together, but other projects need to get finished.

March: The other projects have been completed. Seppel takes a short break before returning to Furoticon.

April 10: Seppel proposes the now-coherent card game to friends. Some think it's a bad or lame idea, but most advocate it. With support from friends, Seppel knows the last hurdle is to bring artists aboard the project, and prepares for the final step that will make or break the project.

April 14: Seppel begins asking around Fur Affinity to see if any artists would be interested in licensing their art for Furoticon. Support is overwhelming. The project is a go. Graphic design begins.

April 17: Yarl comes up with the name Furoticon. Seppel expounds on the name.

April 21: Graphic design is completed. The Furoticon logo, card back, card templates, and game symbols fully exist.

April 22: The first card, Coy Boy, is previewed.

June 1: Paper playtesting begins.

June 11: Work begins on Furoticon.com.

June 13: Furoticon.com goes live.

June 28: Furoticon is promoted at Anthrocon. A few games are played in the Zoo.

July: Fur Affinity goes down at a crucial point which halts all development.

August: Fur Affinity comes back up. Development continues once again.

September 8: Online playtesting is developed. Everything goes smoothly.

September 11: Applications open for playtesters.

September 15: Dealer's table application sent in for Anthrocon 2009.

October 1: Applications for playtesting are closed.

October 3: Online playtesting begins.

October 6: Dealer's table application is approved for Anthrocon 2009, table D13 reserved for Furoticon under the name "Seppel Creations."

December 5: Online playtesting ends. ICDs are completed a few weeks after. The 189-card set is complete.


January 9: Due to printing issues, 10 cards needed to be cut from the set.

January 15: All artwork in.

January 29: After some restructuring, the now 179-card set is complete once again.

Feb 2: Cards sent off to printing.

July 2: Furoticon released at Anthrocon.

September: Triskelion design begins.

September 9: Triskelion publicly announced.

October: Triskelion development begins.


January: Triskelion playtesting begins.

February: Triskelion is ready to be printed.

June 25: Triskelion released at Anthrocon.

September: 2nd Vanilla design and development begins.

October: Tribes of Tanglebrook design begins.

November: 2nd Vanilla playtesting begins.


May: Triskelion's Reign, Part 2 released.

June 24: 2nd Vanilla released at Anthrocon.

August: Furo Gaming Weekend!

September: Tribes of Tanglebrook development begins.

September 17: Tribes of Tanglebrook publicly announced.

October 5: Furos, a digital currency, come into existence.

October 14: First webcam tournament.


January: Tribes of Tanglebrook playtesting begins.

February: 3rd Vanilla design begins.

June 15: Tribes of Tanglebrook released at Anthrocon.

November 9: Furoticon Online is successfully funded on Offbeatr.


January: It's 2013!

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